Xiaomi Mi6 for Portraits

A necessary upgrade from my OnePlus One to something more powerful — to keep up with the growing number of online databases using Memento — ended in the acquisition of a brand new Xiaomi Mi6.

Nice machine, good pricing, powerful hardware.

What kept me at bay at first was the imaging department – would the hard/software be at least equal to the ‘old’ OnePlus?

After a couple of test shots it turned out that physical resolution was slightly inferior – probably because of Xiaomi’s aggressive JPEG compression and not of lacking hardware.

But … the overall image quality! The nice colors! The near-perfect exposure!

And the “bokeh” (bouquet) effect: a real show stopper. Have a look at this shot:

Xiaomi Mi6

It would be ruined with a full-blown background. Or here, one of the ships in a harbour:

Xiaomi Mi6

Well done, Xiaomi!

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